Niklas Sandin (Katatonia, Lik) Says Playing In Two Bands ‘Makes It More Exciting’

In the latest episode of the Metal Pilgrim rock show on YouTube Niklas Sandin, a bass player for Katatonia and a guitarist for Lik spoke about Katatonia’s upcoming live album Dead Air and remembered what it was like to perform in front of the cameras instead of fans.

While talking about the recording process the bassist said that ‘it was far from the regular show’. And when answering a question of wether it is hard to play and equally dedicated himself to two such different bands (Katatonia and Lik) Niklas says that playing different genres of music ‘makes it more exciting’ to come back to each of them. Musician also said that he has always been able to accommodate the schedule to be able to perform and tour with both.

Full interview is available on the Metal Pilgrim YouTube Channel.

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