KORPIKLAANI’s Jarkko Aaltonen on Jylhä: “People think it’s a fun song, and we sing about dead people”

In the recent interview with Metal Pilgrim one of the most recognisable bass players of Folk Metal Jarkko Aaltonen of the Finnish band Korpiklaani speaks about the band’s upcoming release Jylhä.

While speaking about the songs’ lyrics Jarkko said that on this album the band has diverted from their usual themes of folklore and mysticism. And while those are still present in some songs, many of them are about real people and real stories, especially the stories of death and murders. Thus he said that he thinks “it’s hilarious”, how people hearing their music would think that it’s a happy song and would start dancing to it, while in reality they “sing about dead people”.

The bassist also spoke about the bands recent line up change and the new drummer Samuli Mikkonen. Aaltonen said that it was a bit hard to get used to each other at first, but right now their rhythm section seems to be in perfect synchronicity.

Korpiklaani’s studio album Jylhä will be out on February 5th, 2021 via Nuclear Blast.

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