KK’s PRIEST Announce Debut Album ‘Sermons Of The Sinner’, Release First Single

Since KK Downing left Judas Priest around 10 years ago millions of fans around the globe have been waiting for a new music to be released from their favourite musician. It seems like Mr. Downing finally came around to it with his new band KK’s Priest.

At KK’s Priest Downing gathered some of his old-time friends, including ex-Judas Priest vocalist Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, as well as A.J. Mills on guitar, Sean Elg on drums and Tony Newton on bass.

The album is already available for pre-order on official KKs’ Priest’s website and will be out on August 20, 2021.

In order to heat up the fans’ interest for the upcoming Sermons Of The Sinner the band released the first single Hellfire Thunderbolt.

Video is available below:

Sermons Of The Sinner – Tracklisting:

  1. Incarnation
  2. Hellfire Thunderbolt
  3. Sermons Of The Sinner
  4. Sacerdote Y Diablo
  5. Raise Your Fists
  6. Brothers Of The Road
  7. Metal Through And Through
  8. Wild And Free
  9. Hail For The Priest
  10. Return Of The Sentinel

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