Sascha Gerstner (HELLOWEEN): This album is not perfect

In his recent interview with Metal Pilgrim Helloween‘s guitarist and songwriter Sascha Gerstner spoke about the band’s latest self-titled album.

During the interview Gerstner said that in his opinion good music should not be perfect. “Music is about imperfection, because you know, we’re human beings, and humans are not perfect. And to make music perfect in a sense of hitting you in the heart, it must be imperfect,” said Sascha.

Sascha also admitted that Helloween realised they would like to keep the “united” lineup during the band’s Pumpkins United World Tour and wanted to bring the atmosphere and feelings they experienced while on tour to an album.

In addition to discussing Helloween’s latest release, Sascha Gerstner shared some thoughts on the metal community and expressed his desire for people to be more open minded when it comes to music. He also praised Scandinavian indie rock scene and named several artists, who in his opinion are breaking the ground at the moment, including Billie Eilish.

The whole time since I joined Helloween I was the most rebellious character of the band. I would never do what what fans would expect, and I would always recreate myself, and I would always do things that are not so Metal in a way, but still I’m writing Metal songs, and I love Metal,” said Sascha while commenting on metalhead’ attempts to put boundaries.

The full interview is available on the Metal Pilgrim YouTube channel.

The review on Helloween – Helloween has been posted on our website earlier.

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