New DESTRUCTION album will bring the band ‘back to the roots’

The German Thrash Metal legend Schmier was the latest guest on the Metal Pilgrim show. And among other things Schmier spoke about the bands upcoming live DVD Live Attack, as well as the new Destruction studio album.

According to Schmier Destruction will release their latest studio record in early 2022 right in time to start the tour and hopes to bring the album on the road right after its release. The frontman shared some insights on what the sound will sound like and said that it will be “more back to the roots” than any other Destruction record lately.

Schmier also said that the band will lay heavy on guitars on the 2022 record and will not lose its essence after Mike Sifringer’s departure, of which Schmier spoke extensively in the interview as well.

The vocalist also addressed the band’s label switch, when Destruction switched from Nuclear Blast to Napalm Records and spoke of the label’s involvement in the album writing process. “We had our creative freedom for years,” said Schmier addressing the question of wether the band has been micromanaged during the latest album’s recording process.

In addition to the above, Schmier also spoke about the Festival Area 53 on which Destruction performed lately. The frontman said it was weird to see so many people without masks at first, yet they were able to get used to it pretty quickly.

Next year Destruction will celebrate its 40-year anniversary and the band plans a special celebration for the milestone. According to Schmier Destruction plan to invite some of the past band member to perform some songs with the band on stage. Schmier also said that he would love to see Mike Sifringer performing with them, yet it is totally up to the guitarist and wether he wants to join the band live once again.

Just as a reminder, Mike Sifringer, Destruction’s founding member has allegedly left the band. The reasons for Mike Sifringer’s departure have been discussed by Schmier in the same interview.

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