DESTRUCTION’s Shmier finally speaks up about Mike Sifringer

The frontman and the founding member of the German Thrash Metal band Destruction Schmier was the latest guest on the Metal Pilgrim show. And while the full interview is not out yet, the short snippet posted by Metal Pilgrim reveals some details about the situation with Mike Sifringer and the band.

“We went to the studio, recorded a new album, and he just didn’t come to the studio,” said Shmier. According to the frontman Mike simply disappeared and decided to not continue with the band. Yet, Destruction members and management give him until 19 August to get everything straight, and if not, there will be a special announcement by the band on that date.

Shmier also hinted on Mike Sifringer’s unhealthy lifestyle which led to many problems within the band. He said that the band wants to perform at a certain (high) level and some discipline is needed from all band members in order to do so.

“And when we were 17 music was fun and was a hobby, and it was great to party, and we didn’t have to sleep, we didn’t care, we could still perform, but when you get older you need to be on top of the sh..t. And you need to watch yourself, and that’s something that I have a different vision than Mike on.” said Shmier.

On July 16 German thrashers DESTRUCTION performed without founding guitarist Michael “Mike” Sifringer at the Area 53 Festival in Leoben, Austria. After the questions from the fans started pouring in, Shmier said on Facebook that “communication is difficult at this point” and he is unsure how Mike is doing right now.

The full interview with Destruction’s Schmier on Mike Sifringer, upcoming live DVD Live Attack, new album, Lemmy and more will be released on the Metal Pilgrim show this Thursday, August 5th.

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