AD INFINITUM To Release a New Acoustic Album “Chapter I Revisited”

AD INFINITUM conjures a new spell, transforming their debut album into an enchanting acoustic reimagination!

Symphonic metal alliance AD INFINITUM have reimagined their spellbinding debut album, Chapter I: Monarchy, and now unveil Chapter I Revisited, a very special version of their first full-length. The quartet, fronted by inimitable vocalist Melissa Bonny, have impressively attired these ten songs as an acoustic arrangement, showcasing how beautifully the hit singles “Marching On Versailles” (more than one million views on YouTube) and “See You In Hell”, amongst others, magically unfold in a more instrumentally-organic environment. Surrounded by gentle guitar playing, the originally dark symphonic metal album transforms to lightness throughout the harmonic approach of instruments. Melissa Bonny’s multifaceted vocal power shines like a bright star in the dark sky and manages to shake the firmament despite the acoustic background, notedly expressed as the powerful growls in “Maleficent” break through the silent surrounding.

Brought to life in 2018, with its talent and passion AD INFINITUM rapidly made their way straight into the hearts of the symphonic metal community and beyond. Chapter I Revisited looks back on this successful path and opens the gates for everything which is about to come – carrying the listener on gentle wings into a dream-world of soothing acoustic soundscapes.

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